You must be 18 and over:

California state law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from getting a tattoo. And no, we cannot accept parent or guardian consent. You must be at least 18 years old and you must provide valid government issued photo ID in order to get tattooed.

$100 Minimum Charge Policy:

This covers the time and expense of a sanitary set up and clean up of the equipment and procedure area as well as single use supplies necessary to provide a clean and safe tattoo applied by your artist. The minimum is the absolute lowest amount we will charge for any tattoo. This applies per person getting tattooed, per session. If you are getting a tiny tattoo like a dot, the cost will be the minimum. If you and a friend are getting matching tiny dot tattoos, the cost for each of you will be the minimum each. If you want multiple tiny tattoos on your body at the same tattoo session, you will be charged the minimum at least, so if you want multiple tiny tattoos, it is more cost effective for you to get more than one at a time. Please note that any tattoo that takes more than 30 minutes will automatically cost more than the minimum. Price estimate can be given upon request.

Cost For Tattoo:

The minimum is $100 and will go up from there based on the size, placement, detail and if you’re getting multiple that involves more time. If you have a specific budget, please ask for a price estimate, but know that it is still an estimate and it may cost more or less depending on the final tattoo. The more details you give about your tattoo design, the better!

Booking Fee Policy:

BOOKING FEE is NON-REFUNDABLE. Booking fee will be applied towards the final cost of your tattoo at your final session. Booking fee is forfeited if you no-show for an appointment, cancel with less than 48 hours advance notice, reschedule more than twice, arrive for an appointment more than 15 minutes late, arrive for an appointment without proper ID or arrive intoxicated or otherwise unable to be tattooed, request excessive or last minute changes to the design or concept, or decide not to get tattooed at all. If you forfeit a booking fee, you may be required to leave a new booking fee before booking any new appointment(s). Booking fee may not be transferred to another person.

Cancellation Policy:

At least 48 hours notice for cancellation. If cancelled with over 48 hours notice, your booking fee may be applied to a future appointment. Booking fee is non-refundable.

Reschedule Policy:

At least 48 hours notice to reschedule. If at least 48 hours notice is given, your booking fee may be applied to your new appointment. If an appointment is rescheduled more than twice, your booking fee will be forfeited.

Late Policy:

Please let us know if you are running late for an appointment. If you are 15 minutes or more late for an appointment without advance notice, you may forfeit your booking fee, lose your appointment and be required to reschedule and leave a new booking fee.