Price: $500-600 USD
Touch up $150 USD
Annual touch up $250-$300 USD

Combo Brows is a semi-permanent brow tattoo service that lasts about 1-3 years depending on your skin type and lifestyle after your 6-10 week touch up. 

Combo brows is where we add hair strokes in the beginning of brows and shading from the middle of the brows towards the tail.

*Prices vary by artist

What is Microshading?

Microshading is a combination of manual hair stroke technique where we blade individual hair strokes and manual or machine shading lightly in between strokes.

Microshading is the best of two worlds. We can customize the look by how many hair strokes we do in relation to shading. 

The difference in appearance is a blended microbladed look versus combo brows that give a more defined look.

What Happens During A Combo Brows Treatment?

Color is determined by client’s preference, skin tone, hair color, brow color and face feature. We work together to pick the perfect color and design the best brow shape. Brow mapping takes time. I pay attention to your face shape and preference to design. I never start till you approve, so there is no surprise. During the process, I pre-numb you then I outline the new shape. Once I finish outlining, I begin creating customized hair strokes beginning at the front of the brow onward. Next, we will shade the brows to blend hairstrokes. I do about 3-4 passes per brow to ensure pigment is fully saturated.

Then I put a pigment mask to ensure pigment is locked in. While masking, I go over aftercare so you know exactly what to do to care for your new brows. Aftercare kit is sent home with you so there is no stress about getting any product. Your job is to follow the aftercare and trust the journey!

Should You Get Microshading or Combo Brows?

Once I brow map, we are able to determine if there are extreme asymmetry on how much hair is on one brow from the other. And we also discuss end goals and lifestyle. Microshading is a little dash of shading but mainly hair strokes, but if you have pretty uneven brows or want a more bolder look than combo brows will be recommended.

Both service will heal soft and natural, but lifestyle, natural brow shape and skin texture guide us in determining which is best.

Who Is The Ideal Client For Combo Brows?


  • Active lifestyle
  • Anyone looking for a complete brow look
  • Anyone with little to no hair
  • All skin type- especially oily
  • Old permanent makeup cover up (must book consult to go over realistic goals)

Each individual’s experience will vary due to their skin type and also lifestyle, but it is important to schedule your complimentary consultation to go over individual questions and concerns.


Powder brows is machine shading to achieve a powder, soft makeup look.

Microblading is individual hairstrokes created manually to mimic the look of hair.

Combo- Microshading is a combination of hairstrokes and machine or manual shading. Shading is used to fill in gaps where there is little to no hair creating a more balanced brow. When healed, brows will have a soft powder finish that blends with the hairstrokes. This is our most popular service!

***Choosing between manual or machine shading is dependent on the individual. Your artist will determine if you will receive manual or machine based on design and skin type.

Next Steps:

Consultation options:

  1. [Default option] Consultation same day as treatment (Free)
  2. Phone consultation (Free)
  3. $50 In person consultation available (cost may be applied to PMU treatment)