From Makeup Brushes to Permanent Beauty: Embracing Change and Finding Freedom

Hello Beauty Lover, 

One of the most significant accomplishments and long-standing career choices in my life was becoming a makeup artist. This journey has been a profound teacher, offering insights into the inner workings of success.

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The beauty industry has been my crucible, forging my backbone and resilience as I navigated through its challenges. Looking back, I’m profoundly grateful for every hardship, as it equipped me with the strength needed to rise above.

Looking back, I had such a full career as a makeup artist. I got to work New York Fashion Week and lead my first show with Dennis Basso. I got to work on countless celebrities and red carpet events. I got to assist and learn from some of the top makeup artist such as Kabuki, Alex Box, Laura Mercier to name a few. And I got to do things I never thought I would such as work on education and product development.

One of the coolest accomplishment was becoming an inventor for Sephora on a brush design! Still so surreal thinking about it.

In 2017, I made a monumental decision—to retire my makeup brushes and fully commit to the world of permanent makeup. Letting go of a career I had dedicated over a decade to was far from easy. However, it brought me closer to the life I’d always yearned for.

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Now, I’m able to channel the aspects of makeup that I cherish the most—establishing one-on-one connections with clients, relishing the daily variety, and crafting art as a livelihood.

If there’s a dream that continually occupies your thoughts, my advice is simple: pursue it! The worst outcome is that it may not pan out, but in doing so, you eliminate the haunting “what if” scenarios.

Closing the gap between your thoughts and actions propels you toward a more authentic life—a life filled with joy, happiness, and freedom. Every experience, whether in the makeup industry or beyond, shapes us. We possess the choice to embrace change with fear or love.

So, take that leap, chase your dreams, and never underestimate your ability to design the life you desire. Thank you for being part of my journey. Remember, the path to authenticity leads to a life worth living.


Julie, Founder of Adouré Beauty



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