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How to Lighten Unwanted Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

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Today we are going to discuss a topic that is underrated but highly suggested by permanent makeup artist for individuals who have gotten permanent eyebrows done in the past and don’t love it. We will be going over what is permanent eyebrow removal. What is it and the realistic result of it. So let’s get started …

What is permanent eyebrow removal lightening?

Permanent eyebrow removal lightening, also known as brow removal, is a cosmetic procedure that involves lightening old tattoo ink of the eyebrows. It is typically done for individuals who have received permanent eyebrows in the past and it is too dark, shape is not great, and or color has turned to an unnatural color (shades of blue, purple, green, red).

The process of permanent eyebrow removal can be achieved through different methods. Some procedures on the market include laser, saline removal, and beauty angel removal. I have personally done saline removal on my clients and currently offer beauty angel removal. I will explain more as to why I switched over.

Know what you are getting yourself into, don’t go into it blindly …

Before you book a removal session, please do your research. It is crucial to consult with a qualified professional who specializes in this procedure to discuss your goals and expectations. They will evaluate your existing permanent tattoo, skin type and what is possible. From my experience, we can never guarantee 100% removal, especially if your tattoo is really old and dark.

Two of the most popular removal services in permanent makeup:

There are many services available for lightening and with the industry evolving, I’m sure more will pop up. I decided to focus on these two because I have experience on them. And in my opinion these are two of the most common services you’ll find in permanent makeup studios.

  1. Saline removal is one where the technician will stimulate blood flow with a permanent makeup machine to push old ink to the service.
    • Procedure time: about one hour
    • Heal time: About 2 weeks for initial, 6-8 weeks for full heal time
    • Pain level: 6+
    • Aftercare: 2 weeks without product, no sweating, no water
    • Numbing: Pre-numbing can be used but usually no numbing and none with epinephrine as we are wanting to push ink out and epinephrine will block
    • Brows will look red and scabby initially and will continue to shed throughout the two weeks of healing. It’s not pretty! 
  1. Angel Removal is another where the technician will stimulate the lymphatic drainage system to flush ink out. Manual technique is used to stimulate the skin and push ink closer to the service. This one in particular can remove white pigment.
    • Procedure time: 45 minutes
    • Heal time: 5-7 days for initial, 6-8 weeks for full heal time
    • Pain level: 4+
    • Aftercare: 24 hours down time, after that you’ll use a serum given by the technician to apply once a day, no direct brow makeup
    • No numbing
    • Brows will be tender and flushed but scabbing doesn’t usually happen until about day 3 or 4.


Now here’s my personal opinion. I’ve done Saline Removal and currently doing Angel Removal. Certified in both and did saline removal for a long time. The reason I switched over is because I didn’t like how invasive saline was. I actually got angel removal done on me and felt the removal was tolerable with pain and after 3 sessions I saw a noticeable difference with lightening. So with that, I decided to offer Beauty Angel Removal at the studio.

Things to know:

For both types of removal, you may experience some redness, swelling, or sensitivity in the treated area. I find that the newer the tattoo, the more effective your results will be. With that said, if you just got your brows done and hate it you can get removal. But I want to warn you that it will be very painful. But this is when we have the best chance at removing almost all of it. Again, this is why it is crucial to do your research before you book a permanent makeup session with an artist.

Remember, following the post-treatment care instructions provided by your professional is crucial to ensure proper healing and minimize any potential complications.

Finally, the decision to permanently remove your eyebrows is a personal one, and it’s important to thoroughly research, consult with professionals, and consider your long-term goals before moving forward with the procedure. Laser is an option in which I didn’t discuss because I don’t know much about it. I do know it can have the ability to remove the entire tattoo but do your research and get a consultation to see what the process is like, how much , and what are some of the risks with it.

I hope this helps you with your research! For more information on Beauty Angel Removal, you can check out my website


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