The Dos and Don’ts of Permanent Eyebrow Makeup: A Comprehensive Guide

Avoid common pitfalls and ensure the best possible outcome for your Permanent Eyebrow Makeup. This guide highlights the dos and don’ts, covering pre-care, post-care, and maintenance tips for long-lasting, beautiful brows.

Hello Beauty Lovers,

I wanted to write this post to help you in your search for the right permanent makeup artist for you. Whether you choose me or another artist, it’s important to do your research. Let’s get started!

So what is permanent eyebrow makeup? Permanent eyebrow makeup, also known as eyebrow tattooing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Services that fall under permanent eyebrow makeup include: microblading, ombré powder brows, microshading, feather nano (Check my website for explanation of each). It’s a semi-permanent solution to achieve fuller, more defined eyebrows. If you’re considering this procedure, it’s essential to know the dos and don’ts to ensure the best possible results. Here’s a comprehensive guide for you:



  1. Research and choose a reputable and experienced technician. Read reviews and look for the following:
    • Before-and-After pictures
    • Make sure they have videos of their work
    • Ask for recommendations to ensure you find someone skilled in the art of eyebrow tattooing
  2. Have a thorough consultation before the procedure. This is typically done before or day of appointment. Most people know they want the service and typically do it day of but if you’re uncertain, I would suggest booking a consult before hand or send photos and videos to the artist without makeup so they can discuss on the phone.
  3. During consultation:
    • Discuss your desired shape, color, and any concerns you may have.
    • Try your best to be as detailed as possible.
    • Provide photo reference when you can of what you like and don’t like. This will help the technician understand your expectations and customize the treatment accordingly.
  4. Follow the technician’s aftercare instructions diligently.
    • Apply the provided ointment to keep the area clean and moisturized.
    • Avoid scratching or picking at the eyebrows to prevent scarring and pigment loss.
    • Failure to do so can compromise the retention.
  5. Protect your newly tattooed eyebrows from excessive sun exposure. Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 when going outside, as UV rays can fade the pigment.
  6. Stay patient during the healing process. Your eyebrows will go through various stages, including scabbing and color fading. Trust the process and resist the temptation to touch them or apply makeup until they have fully healed.


  1. Don’t opt for the cheapest technician or salon without researching their work thoroughly. Quality and experience matter when it comes to permanent makeup, so prioritize professionalism over price.
  2. Avoid applying makeup directly on the treated area while it’s healing. Makeup products can introduce bacteria and disrupt the healing process.
  3. Don’t engage in activities that cause excessive sweating, such as intense workouts or saunas, during the healing period. Sweating can cause the pigment to fade prematurely.
  4. Refrain from using exfoliants or harsh skincare products on your eyebrows. These can cause the pigment to fade faster and lead to skin irritation.
  5. Don’t panic if you experience some color fading after the initial treatment. Touch-up sessions are typically required to perfect the shape and intensity of the eyebrows. Follow your technician’s recommendations for touch-up appointments.

Remember, permanent eyebrow makeup can enhance your natural beauty, but it’s crucial to find a skilled technician and adhere to proper aftercare. By following these dos and don’ts, you’ll be well on your way to achieving beautifully defined eyebrows that last.

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