80+ page referenced manual, case studies, kit valued at $500 to get you started on your first 10 clients, machine, cartridge, ink set, hands on demonstration and practice model from start to finish, free use of studio for first 5 models, on going support

Yes, day 2 will be a model day where you will have an opportunity to work on a model with my guidance

$500 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is due upon booking. Remaining balance will be due first day of training.

As of now no, but full payment will be do day of training minus deposit.

There is no more than 2 students per class during weekend training to keep the training customizable to the individual. Weekday private trainings are available.

Yes, you can go through the lip blush 2 day fundamental course or we can sign you up for an advanced training where we go more in depth on color theory and shading technique

You can request for a 3 day training where we go more in depth with the material and also have more time with the live model. This is also a private training, which means it is completely customized to your learning.

Yes, we have students everywhere. The difference would be knowing your cities regulation as we follow California guidelines.

We will be offering apprenticeship soon.

You will go home and complete assignments that we go over in the training. Then you will work on live models to submit to me for approval before receiving your official certification